Facials, Anyone?

Following my yet-again-hiatus on Instagram, I have decide just to go with my (not the) flow. No pressure from sponsors where they give me deadline to post or say nice things about them. This is going to be just from my point of view (and probably from others as well).

To start, I got a scare last night while chatting with my small group. We are all aging! I really haven’t taken care of my skin for the longest time since I found out I have an extremely sensitive skin. I haven’t really broken it down to where I’m particularly sensitive at, but I really think it’s time. My fine lines are showing up, it’s not good!

BTW, I have atopic dermatitis.

So I looked up Sulwhasoo which my friend worships intensely, but then I was led to some websites about DIYs, which I actually already tried before but didn’t work out well. Particularly, vitamin C serum. Looked easy so I did it! And what do you know, I started to feel a sting here and there and dry patches started to form the next day. It was bad! Despite this painful experience, I still want to try again until I stumbled into this website about why this DIY is not recommended. It made total sense!

Now I’m thinking about going to some facial clinics. I’ve never been to one. I’m thinking Belo, Aivee or Kamiseta Skin in Manila. What can you recommend?


Am Back to WordPress.com

Well, it’s been an idle ride in wordpress.org haha! Not worth anything if you’re not gonna use it, right? So I’m back to free hosting website!

My blog posts from now on, won’t be just about my outfit anymore but there will be exceptions. But it won’t be mainly outfits like before, that’s for sure.

What has been going on in the past few years of my yet again hiatus stage in the social media world (at least with my secret public blog) is a lowly stage of my life. I wouldn’t exactly categorize it as quarter life crisis, but really more of searching for meaning and purpose. Aren’t we all…

Is there a god? Who is he? Is he a personal god or he just created us and leave us be? So many questions running around my little head. I couldn’t contain it anymore. I had to take time and really intentionally seek.

Read books, attended church sermons, went on a Buddhism class, watch debates between atheists and Christians. I wondered, why is it so hard to know the truth? In this imperfect world, can we really see the truth? Can we know it? More importantly, can we accept it?