Online Shopping

It’s funny that I have never tried shopping online for clothes. I always make sure that it fits me first even if I already tried the exact same style and there’s a bit of damage, I’d ask for a new stock and fit it again. Yes, that’s a bit too much. But what can I say, I don’t want to take a trip back to the store just to exchange or refund the item. But a few weeks ago, I took a leap just because I can’t miss this deal.

I recently ran across this website called Shopback. It’s a basically a cash back when you buy from their partner merchants like Zalora, Lazada, Asos, etc. We’re talking money back here guys. Don’t worry, I’ll let you in on that in a bit. So I finally tried online shopping at Zalora via Shopback for the first time. And I seriously got addicted, especially when I tried to return an item for a refund. It was fast and worry-free!

Now, how to use Shopback. First, you’d have to sign up here.
Once you’re done, just choose your favorite shop and click “Shop Now”. Just make sure to stay on the same page to qualify for the cash back. From there, just shop how you normally do!


You can log back in to Shopback to check your earnings. Give it a few hours to 2 days max to reflect. And that’s it! Click here to see Shopback’s fashion merchants for cashback and coupon codes!

Top: Zalora | Culottes: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Hat: H&M

Once You Go Black

Wearing black is not allowed at home especially when my Grandma sees it. It represents bad luck and death according to the old Chinese beliefs. I had no black clothes almost my entire life until roughly two years ago when my sister bravely bought one and wore it. I was like, you’re in big big trouble. But apparently, she wasn’t. Just hide from Amah (Grandma) and the “others”, then you’re good!

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Basic Hop

I’m going in for a basic hip hop (ish) look. These pants though. They are so versatile. You could wear them for a dance class (like this post), a night out or just whatever. I guess I’ll be wearing them again in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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