Just Outside of Shanghai: Part 2

Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo-Putuoshan-Shanghai continues…

An hour drive from Ningbo City is a bamboo park. Not much people know about this (I’m assuming) because there weren’t a lot of people in the area.

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Just Outside of Shanghai: Part 1

Missing China now more than ever just because of the blazing heat I’m feeling right now. Whew.. It’s been seven years since I last went to Shanghai to study Mandarin for barely a month. Nothing’s changed (at least I hadn’t notice anything). There’s not much to do except to eat, so we went for some out of town trip for a few days.


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Photo Sesh: In the 1700’s

Finally onto the last series of Neos’ photo shoot.
We weren’t expecting this to turn out slightly eerie, but it did. And I love it!
Again, the same culottes just added a bit more drama. Coupling it with the background and the lighting? Parpekto!

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Photo Sesh: No Gang

Think punk. The girlfriend of the leader in a gang.
It could have been better if we had a guy model to pose with her with his motorbike and stuff though. :) But I had someone in mind instead (scroll down).
I did smokey eyes on her just to get the dark, gothic energy.

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Photo Sesh: Asian Punk Fusion

I was told this looks a bit androgynous, possibly because of the eyebrows. I’m sensing there’s going to be a male dress-up on our next shoot! :)
A more muted color this time but with something noticeably unusual.

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