Sun Lover

I really admire those people who embrace the heat of the sun. Sun-bathing for hours. Man, I wonder how they can stand it. Because I personally just can’t. My complaints: headache, nosebleed and just. Plain. Hot! But how often do I go to the beach? Once a year? Maybe. So when I do, I dress up!

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Beach Lover

I’m sorry for all you beach lovers out there but I’m not a huge fan of beaches. I do like beaches, just not on a daytime under the scorching heat of the sun, which totally defeats the purpose of going to one haha! But seriously, I only look forward to the sunset and sometimes the sunrise if I get to wake up at dawn.

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Avatar Vibe

You’d probably know where I am or rather where I’m not when you see me wearing something like this.
I didn’t really think this through but I look like an avatar here with the tights and the heels. Probably not a very good idea to wear this in broad daylight especially when your tights’ a bit sheer. I’m a bit too early for a night out. :)
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Same Train Ride

From waist down, it’s the same outfit I wore on the previous post. I couldn’t stand the cold I had to wear a coat. I also unfolded my shoes into a pair of boots! Yes, they are two-in-one. Smart design from Palladium! And yes, this was taken earlier in the day. I don’t know why I didn’t post this first. Silly me. Oh, and it’s the same hat. In short, the only different wardrobe here is the top. HAHA!

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Kuromon Market, Osaka

Kuromon Market might be the cleanest wet market I’ve been to. Might not be best to describe it as wet market, moist perhaps? Pardon my humor. There are grocery stores, small souvenir shops, and restos too so it’s pretty dry in those areas. :P
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Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2

While vacationing in Osaka during the holidays, we squeezed in some shopping (of course we just couldn’t miss that). I was able to buy a XF 56mm f/1.2 lens cheaper than in Hong Kong, US and the Philippines. Probably the effect of Japanese Yen being weak lately.
I’m not exactly well-versed in photography but I really liked how my shots came out. I tried this with some outfit and portrait shots. Some of which I already posted a few days ago.
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Today’s 20’s Train Ride

I’m not sure if you can see this outfit as a scene in the 20’s. Like how wives say their goodbyes or wave to their loved ones leaving for war while the train is slowly leaving the platform. Or the exact opposite; women getting excited to see their husbands arriving.
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