At New South Wales

On to NSW this time.

1. Bondi Beach
We were only able to walk along Bondi Beach to Tamarama. But if you were to go all the way, it would take around 11km to reach Coogee Beach.
This view though. Breathtaking. It’s straight out of the camera. Looks edited, but it was just gloomy over there and sunny over here.

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At Victoria

Everybody’s gone to live in Australia, at least people I know. Since then I’ve been really curious about the country, what it offered that made everyone come here. And now I understand why. And boy, do I want to stay here for… ever? In terms of convenience, it’s pretty much the same as Hong Kong. But what I really loved was the environment. Fresh air! And super polite Aussies.

First off, Melbourne, Victoria.

1. Great Ocean Road
I’m sure you’ve heard of this. GOR stretches quite a few miles and along the coastline stands two famous landmarks.

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I’ll Take That!

I’m liking the idea of taking a piece from my last outfit and use it again for my next one, but differently. Like on my last two posts, I use the plaid shirt twice. This time, I’m wearing that striped dress again. I wonder which piece to take on my next outfit…

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