My sister bought this tassel blouse a couple of months back but never really wore it and later planned on cutting the tassel off. But before I let her do that, I took the chance of playing around with it. I made into like a curtain, I don’t know about you but I like this idea. It’s weird though if you do this in public. Tried it, everyone stared. LOL!




I have yet to learn how to use a photo editor. :)

Cycle Ready

As I may have randomly mentioned before, I am now into cycling. It’s been a trend here in Manila, and everyone’s just inviting everybody out for a ride. And we’ve been doing this regularly since I bought my own bike. I’m not exactly sure if it was impulse buying at the time but I don’t regret it at all. I love my bike! (the one in the photo isn’t mine though.)





Fashion Blogging: Is it for me?

This blog probably isn’t meant for outfit posts but I’m having so much fun playing dress up. I get to bond with my sister and my friends just arguing whether or not it’s too much or too weird and all that. And I think it’s a good idea to keep this side of “art” in this blog. After all, fashion blogging has been around for a while now. I could just join the club and have “China Fashion” as my trademark or something. Haha!
So here’s something for you guys to look forward to (as if!). LOL!

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Round 2 of China Fashion

Now here’s the rest of my China outfits. I hope they’re a bit bearable compared to the last one. :P
Hongers, Hongkees or whatever they’re called, do actually mind what you wear. They just don’t when you’re in “China Fashion”; what I call for outfits generally worn in China. And they’re swarming the place. So when you do wear these, you just simply blend in. The last post was more China Fashion than these though. These are just my way of being me. Weird. And I love it!



I ran out of shoes so I got to borrow one of my brother’s boat shoes. This is the only shot where it doesn’t look too big on me. LOL!

What I Wear in Hong Kong

This is the only time I get to wear whatever I want. Nobody cares. Nobody stares at me. I don’t exactly stand out, but it’s still a bit off (at least in my country).

So for the next few days, pardon me but I will be in “China fashion”. That’s what I’d like to call it. Weird, out of style, doesn’t flatter any part of my body, you name it. And for me to get so excited, just makes me a lot weirder! But I promise to wear something bearable after this.

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Makeup Gig Mishap

Last summer, I was invited to a makeup gig at my (makeup) classmate’s wedding despite that she knew I didn’t have a complete set of makeup and equipment at the time. She said not to worry, her bridesmaids have the same skin tone as I do. LOL! I was super excited but kind of hesitant because they’re doing it out of town on a Monday. But I thought to myself, I’ve never really tried it before, this might be my big break so I said yes! Unfortunately, I screwed up. Big time.

I was placed in front of a small window with very little light coming in. I didn’t have a choice, it’s either that or outside. It’s a beach wedding by the way.

Things I should have done:
1. Have enough light to see everything.
2. Pay attention to the next one.
3. Not to panic if anything unexpected were to happen.

Panicking. I really don’t know what to say. I panicked! I put on some foundation that was too light for my client. I didn’t really notice it until we went out of the room! And having one of the bride’s friends comment about it felt even worse.

Lessons learned: I need to bring my own mirror and lights. Most importantly, maintain my composure! :P

Orange Cat’s Eyes

A cat-eye inspired look of the day.
This is a very thick flick actually. It almost reached half of her lids.
I used an orange eyeshadow for the brows and near the lower lash line.
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Colored Photography Makeup Class

What is captured on camera is different from what we see through the naked eye. Makeup in colored photography requires a lot of attention in definition and precision to ensure everything is perfect. People may not notice the flaws now but they will when they take a look at the photos again.


- Contouring and highlight is a must.
– The light eyeshadow (the one you put on your lids, below the crease) should be a few shades lighter than your skin color.
– Eyebrows should be precisely outlined but still soft. (this is not the case in the photo though :P oops!)
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