Burgeroom, Hong Kong

You may have heard about Burgeroom vastly increasing its popularity in Hong Kong. It might be because of their wide selection of burgers be it beef, chicken, seafood or duck. We ordered one of each just to try everything out.
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Hong Kong Nightlife (TST and LKF)

One Saturday night.
We went to Tsim Sha Tsui for a night of drinking, chilling. We didn’t know where the nightlife in TST was, so I called my brother up to ask where he’s hanging out then. He said just ask anyone where the “Terrace” is. And so we did, nobody knew what we were talking about. Figures. Haha! But anyway, the complete street name is called Knutsford Terrace.
You’d see a series of pubs lined up here. Got so excited, because it felt like I discovered a hidden passage or something.
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A Good Set of Caps

I’ve been digging the K-Pop fashion for a while now and came up with a weird one this time (well, it’s “all the time” for me actually). Wearing a sweater always makes me bust a move here and there. I could show you some of my moves but maybe on a nicer scene next time. :P
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A Sight of the Umbrella Movement

I’m maybe out of date with this, but I want to share some interesting sights in the streets of Admiralty and Mongkok. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna share my opinion about the umbrella movement issues. :)

So I went to both places on my last day in Hong Kong. I would have missed my flight if it weren’t for the Airport Express train. Thank goodness.

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Travel Diary: Germany

Now going back to my long overdue Eurotrip, it’s time for Germany.
Dachau concentration camp (one of Nazi’s Concentration Camp). Some of you might find this place horrifying and rather not visit it. But it’s something I feel people need to know or be aware of. Well of course you can read this story on the Internet but it’s completely different when your in the exact place where everything had happened. It sucked the life out of me for some reason, I felt weary the whole day. I’m not gonna go into details with this, I need energy for the rest of the day. Just click here for a complete tour.
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An Experience with Modeling Agencies in Manila

I did something crazy yesterday. HAHA! I applied to a modeling agency, Faces Model Management, and I was invited to do a test shoot. I still can’t believe I did it. I guess I can still catch up with what youth that’s left of me.

Before anything else, I actually enrolled in a modeling school way back in the early 2000’s but it was by force. My Mom wanted me to look good and be confident, yada-yada.. I guess it did me good. The only thing I can remember though is the runway walk, which is enough to make myself presentable to say the least. (But I got back to my normal self after the class ended which is a total waste of money)

About two years ago, I did just about the same. I applied to Modelo Pilipinas. I did some VTRs and walks. And right after that, the owner offered me to enroll in his modeling school. This guy, man, he convinced me really well, I think it took about two hours just listening his sales talk. And I had been itching to leave but I didn’t wanna be rude so I just sat there smiling and nodding hoping this would end SOON. I should have known better. Although I read some good reviews about this agency before I went there, I wonder what that’s about. But I cannot exactly call it a scam, it’s just his way of making more money. If I remembered it correctly, the tuition fee costs around PHP 20,000 (approx. USD 400). This really discouraged me to try again.

Then two years later, I thought what the heck. I’ll give it one more try, before I completely lose my youth. :P
So I emailed three modeling agencies and got a reply from Susan of Faces Model Agency inviting me to visit her office and bring three outfits. When I got there, I was really shaking because I don’t want to make the same mistake as I did with Modelo. But she was really nice and all as if she’s used to people like me. She even showed me a photo/setcard of a successful Korean model after the shoot telling me that she was once like me. A shy guy. So I guess I didn’t get rejected? Or at least not out-front. Maybe I could try in some other agencies if I wasn’t contacted. At least this experience got my hopes up!

Victoria Harbour Restaurant

One of the must visit restos in Hong Kong. It’s not exactly rated much in Open Rice maybe because it’s only popular among the locals. But this is exactly what we want, to live and to play like the locals. How much more can you experience Hong Kong, right?
They have real food, I mean it’s worth your money. And you don’t get what you pay for, you get more. Let me find that term the next time I post another food review. :P

Radish cake – it’s a bit spicy and it works so well with the dish.
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Hong Kong’s Nightlife

Finally got to experience the nightlife in Hong Kong after so long. We didn’t exactly go to the clubbing scenes that are for the young ones, but just in a nice cozy bar where you see people in their late 20’s to early 40’s hang out. Quinary, located in Central just near the famous Lan Kwai Fong street. The bartenders here actually have their own recipes. There are drinks that only a particular bartender can make. wpid-20140614_223136.jpg wpid-20140614_222330.jpg Continue reading

A Trip to HK’s Bo Innovation

This has been raved about in the past couple of years. Bo Innovation is a Chinese fusion 3-star Michelin restaurant. They say it’s overrated but we just had to try it ourselves.

First off, a welcome snack. Onion waffles, it’s said to be Hong Kong’s famous street food.
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