A Tale about Homebrewing

Finally get to use the word “Tale” as per my blog title!
Why beer? It’s sort of connected to my next travel diary, Lucerne, which is my favorite city in the world by far. Mainly because of one thing: their beer, Eichhof to be exact. I’ve been daydreaming about this beer ever since I left the place. It’s nowhere to be found but there, not even in some other cities in Switzerland. You have no idea how desperate I was looking for other beers that could top this. But no such thing exists. And because of this, I really got into beers.
My cousin and I even brewed our own beer which was crazy and made us really badass. Ehem.. But seriously. Girls, don’t try this, it’s a guy’s job. We’re all over the place, but for the record, the beer was potable, not even! It was good according to my cousins and I believe them. LOL!
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Photo Sesh: Sparkles

Another photo session with my cousins. I’m really digging on that bangs! A K-Pop inspired look. Eyeliners eyeliners!
We weren’t prepared at all when it suddenly rained. You can see some blurred raindrops in some photos.
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Travel Diary: Paris

Looks familiar? Yes, it’s the church inspired in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Again, the fault of the French Revolution nearly destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral. Good thing it was restored a couple of years after.
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Travel Diary: Versailles

Just when you thought France is all about glamour and beauty, it turns out to be, well, reality. Except for the Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles). The most beautiful palace I’ve ever seen (not exaggerating). Those very finely made walls, doors and furniture, paintings on the ceilings (not Michaelangelo). It has so much history.
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Travel Diary: Amsterdam

What I knew about this city before I got here was, in one word, Marijuana.
I was so excited to come here just to taste some of those, since it’s legal. I really wanted to take advantage but my conscience was killing me, so I didn’t. :(

We went to see one of the canals of Amsterdam where, back in the day, they use it to transport goods to and from different countries.

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Round 2: L’ATELIER de Joel Robuchon

Going back to Hong Kong, we just HAD to have a second round of JR. Sadly, I didn’t feel all that excited, but don’t get me wrong, the food is still exquisite. I guess people just don’t get satisfied with anything. We bought the latest gadget last month and still buy a new one today. Human nature. That’s my excuse :P

A different welcome treat for us!
Jelly soup with Cod Potato Ball dipped on Tomato Paste and Tabasco

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